This Artist’s Palette


colorful.plate1The title for this post came to me when I looked at my dinner plate one night last week.  It literally looked like an artist’s palette.  I think in many ways cooking is an art and I do feel like an artist creating a masterpiece on my canvas which is a plate.

This dinner was born from needing to use the produce that was in my refrigerator.  I roasted purple and green cabbage and sweet potato and sautéed some green and red bell pepper.  I finished it off with some fresh turkey sausage, casings removed, that I’d picked up at our local meat market on the way home.

The result, one of the most colorful pieces of “edible art” this cook has created!


How many colors are on your plate?  Nutritionists have always urged us to eat as many different colored foods as possible in order to obtain all the healthy nutrients they  possess.  There are six colors here, do I hear seven?

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