5 Delicious recipes to help you love kale

Kale Collage I’ve more than made peace with kale; I’m actually enjoying it and not just because its a nutritional powerhouse but because it’s delicious.  It’s delicious in these recipes anyway! I still live by the belief that people who eat kale are beautiful.  The “kale glow” if you will. Click on the photos below for the recipes.  I hope you enjoy them and here’s to you developing a new love……for kale. kale_farro_salad swiss.chard.pasta.3 kale.pesto.crostini1 kale.pesto3 kale 1

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5 thoughts on “5 Delicious recipes to help you love kale

    • Hi Rebecca – Let me know how you like them. The kale pesto is really surprising, it’s been the hit of the summer so far!

  1. Miss seeing you a regular basis we just harvested the corn so recipes will be appreciated!
    I will be try your chipotle dressing for sure this weekend and am getting the urge for grilled pizza.

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