Water infused with cucumber, citrus and fresh fruit…so natural


I am done adding drinks and juices with artificial ingredients and sweeteners to my water for flavor.  I always drink water but have gotten into the habbit of adding a splash of juice, flavored drink, powdered packet mix and the like to my water for a bit of flavor.  No more!  This water flavored with sliced cucumber, lemon and strawberries is natural, calorie free, refreshing and so delicious.  I let the ingredients infuse into the water in a pitcher and just keep it in the refrigerator.  If refrigerated, the ingredients will stay fresh and continue to flavor the water for several days.  The ingredients will eventually fall to the bottom of the pitcher.  It’s great with meals and to just drink throughout the day…and with no guilt.  I take it to work in a travel water bottle.

Try experimenting with other citrus and fruits.  Orange and lime slices as well as raspberries also work great.  I always put the cucumber in though, it’s a really nice flavor in the water and really economical.  Fresh mint is also a great addition to this water.



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